Gorgeous Yet Functional Laundry Rooms

When it comes to designing the laundry room, many take the approach of simply throwing in a washer and dryer and calling it a day. But, while laundry day might not be fun or even glamorous, creating a space that is gorgeous to look at yet functional could be exactly what you need. The following laundry rooms do just that! But in a modern way.

Contemporary Color Scheme
Bring that contemporary touch with bold, appliances. Having a colorful display will bring that unique touch while meshing blend with the decor you already have.

When it comes to the laundry room many might simply consider a white or neutral palette, but we are taking it up a notch and recommending a contemporary color scheme. Laundry room essentials are now coming in multiple different colors; therefore, its easier to have a contemporary appeal to the room, or you could even consider painting your wall a daring color as well.

Glossy Cabinets
Even if you decide to keep your decor filled with neutrals, adding a glossy cabinet will bring a modern twist to your decor in a classy manner.

This year we have seen a rise in the love of glossy paint. Keeping that in mind, take your laundry room to the next level by simply painting your cabinets with a glossy finish. The glossy finish will upgrade the room in the simplest manner. If you want to take it a step further using a colorful glossy paint.

Tranquil Neutrals
For many, a neutral palette is always a good idea, even in the laundry room. Add wood bits for a rustic appeal that brings charm to the space.
For a crisp and clean feel in the room use multiple neutral hues and weave them into your d├ęcor. Doing so creates this sense of peace that is perfect for those that simply want to have a chic, laundry room that is minimal yet purposeful.

Double the Function
Having a functional laundry room works great when you want to have all of your necessities in one single room, which is were have double washer and dryers will come in handy.
Why have one set of washer and dryer when you can have two? Having a laundry room that offers two washer and dryers is always a good idea, particularly if you have a large family or if you do laundry constantly throughout the week.

Minimal Charm
In order to get the most out of your smaller laundry room, you want to have only the necessities and have them well organized for that put together charm.

Okay, we know not everyone has a large laundry room, some have a smaller space or even a closet that has been transformed into a quiet laundry space. If this is the case with you, the key is keeping it minimal and adding charm. Do so, by having the essentials you need and add personal tidbits here are there that showcase your personality.