Make A Statement In Your Dining Room

If your space has become lackluster or even a bit “underwhelming” it could be time for a revamp! Here is our easy guide on 12 different ways you can make a statement in your dining room.

Treat Your Windows
For a bold, yet inclusive appeal consider painting the rim of your windows a darker color than the rest of the room for a contrast that is still proportionate to the space.

We always tend to mention every area of a dining room, from the table to the chairs but we never really mention the windows. In spite of this, your windows should be the main focus especially if you have large ones. Add a window treatment and allow them to make a big statement. You could even add bits around your window or even painting them for that daring aesthetics.

Contrast the Obvious
Contemplate lower chairs then your table for a modern twist that makes a statement yet feels unique to the room.

A plain wooden table is often thought of as the easiest form of decorating the dining room; however, in order to bring a statement to the room, you want to use contrasting chairs. Whether you use large, chairs with tufted cushions or even a bench for a beautiful contrast that has a signature daring statement.

Take a Chance
Incorporate your wallpaper seamlessly by having matching chairs that bring forth the colors that are displayed as part of your wallpaper.

Taking a chance on your décor is always a good idea. Consider it as one of the best things you can do for your space. The idea is to take a chance and bring a bold punch whether it be by having a bold wallpaper, or painting the room a unique color, the punch of texture or statement should feel like it engulfs the room.

Don’t Forget to Look Up
If you don’t want to add color and simply want texture consider adding a pattern as part of your ceiling but in the same color as your wall.

While most of us tend to focus mainly on the overall aesthetics of the room, many tend to forget about the top- the ceiling. Paint your ceiling a unique color or add a bold chandelier for a daring touch that allows you to focus on the length of the home.

Pops of Color
Go bold with your decor by adding in bold velvet chairs in unique colors that brighten up the room in a big way.