Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire You

We kept that in mind and have found modern bathrooms that will inspire not only your creativity but your desire to upgrade your space. These modern bathrooms are here to stay, and you will love them just as much as we do.

Industrial Pull
Modern Bathrooms That Will Inspire Your Creativity
Industrial decor works well in smaller bathroom spaces as it allows you to seamlessly blend your decor with what you have without taking away from it.

Ever thought of having an industrial touch in your décor? If so, the bathroom is the perfect place to do so. For that industrial appeal consider a doorless shower and mirrored walls that make a striking effect with little to no additional decor.

Monochromatic Focus
Whether you decide to use black and white as your main monochromatic touch or you use two other colors, the key is having two hues that blend together but make a statement throughout.

Nothing screams chic which like a monochromatic appeal that has a focal point such as a striking chandelier or a Parisian inspired standalone tub. Having either or creates a focal point that is unique while still having the traditional monochromatic color scheme.

Pale Purple
A pale purple wallpaper is perfect when you want to add color without overwhelming the room. You could use furniture that matches the wallpaper as well for a well-rounded appeal.

Yes, you read that correctly pale purple is here to stay; however, it is being taken to the next level with an added wallpaper touch. Wallpaper in the bathroom is always a good idea as it brings your personality and texture to the space while still being a bit of an understatement. Pair it with similar colors for the perfect contrast.

Bring in a Rug
The bathroom might seem like the last place that you would want to use a rug in but if you’re trying to create a spa-like aesthetics a rug could truly brighten up the room and give it a cozy appeal.

If you aren’t certain on how to bring a modern touch to your bathroom adding a rug is the perfect way to do so, not only is it useful as it will help soak up some of the water that may run out, but it will look chic and minimalist.

Blend Styles
Blending textures is great when you have two areas in the bathroom that need a similar appeal yet should have a hint of difference. Use wood and concrete for a cool yet warming touch.

When in doubt, blend styles. Offering a blend of styles is perfect when you can’t decide which style of décor you prefer best. The idea is to have your favorite decorating style right with another blend that brings forth a unique touch.

Royal Glam
Whether you get a vintage stool or any kind of stool, the simple idea of having the stool will add a regal touch that is chic and simple.